Web-based Multi-Project Management solution with low introduction and operating costs

A solution like KLUSA has to do more than simply meet the functional requirements: it also needs to be easy to integrate into your IT landscape and economical to operate.

As it is a web application there is no need to install it on the individual user PCs. Web application and database are administered centrally. The administration of KLUSA is exclusively conducted via a web GUI.

Several adaptable connectors are available to help you integrate KLUSA seamlessly into an ERP environment.  These connectors guarantee data exchange and synchronisation of personnel data, costs, expenses or allocation data with SAP or other systems.

KLUSA is a fully web-based multi-project management solution. The scaleable architecture can be economically deployed even in smaller access scenarios as well as to support large businesses with 1,000 or more project managers..

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KLUSA Customers

The following customers are already using KLUSA successfully in their companies since longer time. The range goes from smaller companies to big corporations.


Company Sector

Aerospace Embedded Solutions


Bayer AG


Charter airline

Constellium Constellium
Fressnapf Tiernahrungs GmbH

Fressnapf Tiernahrungs GmbH
Pet Food Industry

Infineon AG

Infineon Technologies AG
Semiconductor Industry

Intel Mobile Communications GmbH Intel Mobile Communications GmbH
Semiconductor Industry
Jenoptik AG Jenoptik AG
Lantiq Deutschland GmbH

Lantiq Deutschland GmbH

Schleicher Schleicher Fahrzeugteile Gmbh & CO. KG

SportScheck GmbH
Sporting goods

SRI Radio Systems GmbH

SRI Radio Systems GmbH

SwissLife SwissLife
TU Dresden

TU Dresden


Chemical industries


VISANA Services AG

Software as a Service (SaaS)

KLUSA can of course be locally installed in the customer environment. It is additionally available in the form of “software as a service” (SaaS). This service gives you KLUSA as an internet application, which naturally comes equipped with all required security elements such as encrypted data transfer, daily data backup etc.

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KLUSA Test Version

KLUSA - Free trial, No obligation!

The decision for the choice and implementation of a project management tool should be based on an in-depth analysis. To assist this analysis, we are providing a test instance on demand. After all, it is about a tool that manages important information, many employees have to work with, and that many times provides the data basis for major corporate decisions. Also, the IT that implements and maintains the solution has an influential word here. And In the medium term the investment costs are usually only a small part of the total cost of ownership (TCO) i.e. the expected use to be derived has to be justified in the light of the TCO. So wouldn’t it be great if you could test the software to its limits in daily business without having to buy a pig in a poke? Well, with KLUSA you can – right away!

  • A KLUSA test instance has the advantage a) of already existing example data (projects and roles), and b) the full functionality of KLUSAs Enterprise Edition is ready for testing.
  • A KLUSA test instance is available as a Software-as-a-Service solution (SaaS).
  • Each test instance is provided in a separate installation. Your data and your application is separate from other instances.

Using the KLUSA Starter Edition will significantly reduce the level of risk associated with making the decision. Get to know KLUSA and reassure yourself that KLUSA really will meet all your requirements. We are sure that this offer will be enough to persuade you to opt for our KLUSA solution.

Register this very day for a free KLUSA trial instance with no obligation!

KLUSA Editions

KLUSA Starter Edition

Free entry into the KLUSA project management world.

With the Starter Edition, we offer a free, easy and quick entry into the KLUSA project management world. A SaaS solution with the scope of the Professional Edition, professionally hosted by us with daily data backup, secure access and encrypted data transmission.

  • The Starter Edition is a fully functional solution KLUSA.
  • The functional equivalent of KLUSA Professional Edition.
  • The Starter Edition is available as a “software as a service” (SaaS) solution. The solution is hosted in a professional provider on our own servers.
  • Each test instance is provided in a separate installation. Your data and your application is separate from other instances.
  • Information and data security is ensured via https encrypted transmission of all data, secure access and daily backup.
  • The KLUSA Starter Edition is restricted to five users and ten active projects.
  • The runtime is set at six months but might be extended upon request.

We are sure to inspire you with the KLUSA Starter Edition in a quick and easy entry into the KLUSA project management world.

Register this very day for a free KLUSA Starter Edition!

KLUSA Professional Edition

The perfect solution for single and multi-project management.

The KLUSA Professional Edition covers everything you need for single and multi-project management, such as any number of projects and subprojects, with all the essential features, multi-project management views to survey and control the project environment and comprehensive reporting. The KLUSA Professional Edition includes the following features:

  • Schedule and cost planning
  • Target Planning (Scope)
  • Change Management
  • Reporting (Management Information Module)
  • Task Management
  • Microsoft Excel Exports
  • E-Mail Services

For further information or if you have any additional individual requirements, please contact us!

KLUSA Enterprise Edition

The perfect solution for single and multi-project management in a corporate environment.

The Enterprise Edition provides in addition to the KLUSA Professional Edition those functionalities that are necessary for a widespread use in companies with many projects and high controlling and planning  requirements for resources and costs. Additional to the KLUSA Professional Edition, the Enterprise Edition includes the following features:

  • Demand Management
  • Portals
  • Resource Management
  • Risk Management
  • Cost Management
  • Enhanced Administration (Roles, Catalog Sets)
  • Portfolio Management
  • Time Recording
  • Archiving
  • Reporting Tool

For further information or if you have any additional individual requirements, please contact us!

System Architecture

KLUSA is a web-based multi-project management solution for the top-down planning, management and evaluation of complex project structures.

KLUSA works entirely on the basis of databases. The data are entered by the users in the course of project and resource data maintenance. KLUSA additionally uses web services to create links with external systems, thereby offering defined and secure access to all sensitive data. The possibility of data inconsistencies is thus ruled out.


KLUSA System Architecture

The fundamental architecture of the KLUSA application layer is based on scaleable and modular software that is implemented in C# and .NET and runs on a Windows server. The standards based architecture on Oracle databases and in the Windows .NET environment means that KLUSA can be implemented quickly and without difficulty. KLUSA is thus freely scaleable and offers all state-of-the-art methods of data and access security.

IT System Integration

KLUSA integrates seamlessly into your existing ERP- und IT-Infrastruktur

Projects have an influence on the enterprise: Projects create added value, generate costs and tie up resources, as well as possibly extending your product portfolio. In brief: Projects mesh closely with all the activities that go on in an enterprise.  For this reason it is absolutely essential for your project management system to work closely and seamlessly with your IT systems for HR, finance, invoicing, data warehousing etc. KLUSA can use any one of a large number of available connectors to embed itself into your systems landscape.

KLUSA System Integration

When it comes to connection to different systems our company boasts vast experience across the whole range of standard technologies.

KLUSA WebServices

  • For simple access to the KLUSA database via XML/SOAP
  • Classic and “next generation” web services

KLUSA Web Services

KLUSA Aspose Word Reporting

  • The exports to Microsoft® Word are realized via the implemented Aspose.Words for .NET platform
  • These exports are independent of installed Office versions and support a large variety of output formats

Microsoft® Project Add-In

  • Synchronisation of milestones and work packages
  • Resource effort per work package and time unit
  • Bidirectional data exchange

Comprehensive range of exports to Microsoft® Excel

  • Master data, resources, costs and much more besides …

KLUSA ERP SyncManager

  • Individual creation for customer projects
  • Synchronisation of project-related cost data
  • Management of actual costs
  • Integration into the complete ordering process
  • Status reporting (costs)

Connectors to business directories

  • Synchronisation via LDAP (Microsoft® Exchange, Active Directory)


KLUSA has small implementation and maintenance costs

The KLUSA licenses are scaled according to the number of users. There are two configurations available: The KLUSA Professional Edition as an entrance into the multi-project management world and the KLUSA Enterprise Edition, covering further reasonable and useful features for a corporate environment. For more information please contact us.